How to Submit a Yola Sitemap to Google Webmaster

     Once you're done publishing your website, Yola as your host server site will generate a sitemap on your behalf and all you have to do is to submit this sitemap to Google Webmaster so that Google can offer you more information that you needed about your website. 

     Other Webmasters will not submit any sitemap for their website/websites but if you're the kind of Webmaster who wants to receive more info about your website then you can do this because it is offered for free from Google. Read more...

 Yola Website Hosting Customer Review  

      I had been a using Yola since 2008 when they were known as Synthasite. I was simply looking for a free and personal website before and I found their service to be good especially that during that time, they were still new and my free site was not limited to three pages as some users had experienced. The advantage of Yola is their Sitebuilder because it does not direct you to download any installations or plug-ins and it also works on most browsers.

      If you are looking for a free hosting plan to create a website and has no plans to upgrade, you may simply choose Blogger because you could have a hard time for your free pages to be crawled by Google if you opt for the Free Yola service. That was my experience when I started my first website at Yola formerly known then as Synthasite. I can only see my website before through a direct URL link when sharing it to my friends and family. Read more...

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Understanding Some Data Types (Clicks, Leads, Sales, and more) Including Metrics (CTR, CPM, etc.) Displaying in A Publisher's CJ Account Manager and Reports

     Below are some important information that you'd find within your CJ Account Manager and its reports as a website Publisher. 

      I had been a member at Commission Junction known as CJ for several years now and had added a few websites to my account. There are terms and data that automatically welcome you as you log-in. I always see these things and they are important to me. 

     One of them for example are the "Impressions". The impressions are automatically generated when a text link or banner that displays on your web site had been seen (this could happen even within seconds) and this indicate as to how many times your web site's page is visited. There could be other software that you can use out there but CJ's Impression can provide you a helpful tip as to the amount of visitors it takes and you could only hope that they will generate a transaction through your ad links through Impressions. Read more...


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