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How to Purchase Discounted Gift Cards
Save an average of $10 with coupons, promo or coupon codes and deals for the Raise marketplace. Raise is a big marketplace where consumers can either buy discounted gift cards or sell them in exchange for cash. Their marketplace offers discount gift cards from thousands of popular brands and restaurants such as Macy's, The Home Depot and Starbucks. It's free to join so get a great discount for physical gift cards and egift cards from all your favorite online as well as brick and mortar stores.
Start by browsing their gift card inventory shop through their gift card marketplace in order to buy those discounted gift cards online. Try to look for brand names, followed by product category, then the discount percentage and/or recent listings. You may notice that this company has a number of those available gift cards including the highest discount for each brand. Simply click on the gift card image so that you can see the types of cards that are listed for sale as well as learn more about every brand’s item or product promotions.
Shoppers can compare gift card discounts because every listing shows the full value of the gift card from the seller’s asking price, including the highest percentage of money that a potential buyer will be able to save. Those who want to buy eGift cards, they will be available electronically in a buyer’s Raise Account anytime for online redemption while the physical gift cards will be shipped to the buyer by mail for an in-store redemption. There are many eGift cards that can be printed as well as used as an in-store voucher too. Once you have selected a gift card, simply click the “Buy Now” option so that you can add it to your shopping cart.
Once you are done shopping, simply click “Proceed to Checkout” and enter your payment information, billing as well as shipping address. Read the terms and conditions on their website. Shoppers always love to use coupon codes so if you have a promo code, you can enter it during the final stage of checkout. Buyers will be able to receive email notification once the gift card purchase has been confirmed and also delivered.
Look for the Raise marketplace to check for discounted gift cards from famous brands such as JCPenny, Target, Toy’sRUs, Sears, The Home Depot, Macy’s, Burlington, TJMaxx, and Kohl’s prior you shop online or in brick and mortar stores. You can easily find gift cards by brand, category, or value, and add any to your shopping cart. This company offers free shipping on all of their gift cards.
Their marketplace guides shoppers to buy their gift cards easily online at a discounted price. Consumers will be able to save from different brands, retailers, including restaurants. Many shoppers enjoy looking for gift cards with the highest discount price in order for them to save more. However, their gift card brands including discounts can also vary at any point in time, with their current sale prices that averages 21.6% off.
The sellers in this company’s marketplace can adjust the sale price as many times as they would like, that is why a buyer could sometimes notice the different prices at various times. First time buyers and/or if their order total is above a predetermined threshold, they could somehow receive a phone call or an email from the Raise Member Services in order to verify the order information. They take these precautions in order to ensure a secure marketplace online as well as to protect any members’ transactions. As of this writing November 2013, this company does not charge sales tax, shipping costs, or any processing fees.
They have a gift card exchange which offers electronic gift cards, physical gift cards, as well as printable vouchers so that anybody can easily shop online or in brick and mortar stores. This company provides free shipping on all orders to add more savings to smart shoppers. They guarantee that all orders are covered by their 100% money back guarantee for up to 60 days from the date of purchase since they want their customers to feel confident upon purchasing those gift cards online at a discounted amount.
The prices of their gift cards starts from $25 and under, $25 - $50, $50 - $100, $100 - $250, $250 - $500, up to $500+. The Categories vary from Arts and Crafts, Automotive. Baby and Kids, Beauty, Books and Magazines, Computer and Software, Department Stores, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Finance and Business, Flowers and Gifts, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Watches, Men's Apparel, Office Supplies, Pets, Relationship, Services, Restaurants, Shoes, Sports and Outdoors, Toys, Travel, Weekend Savings and Women's Apparel.
Consumers can sell gift cards in the Raise marketplace for cash. It is the first marketplace gift card exchange that lets members sell gift cards online for cash at prices they want to choose and they accept unwanted or unused gift cards coming from any brand, retailer, or restaurant. Their gift card exchange is easy to use and secure. People’s personal information is never shared or stored. They don’t encrypt all gift card serial numbers to guarantee their safekeeping. Those who sell gift cards on their marketplace can easily start selling in order to get paid in cash for their gift cards. They respect the monetary value of their customer’s gift cards as well as guarantee the safety of every transaction on their marketplace. They are known as the leader in the secondary gift card market and provide a secure selling process.
They encrypt their gift card serial numbers in order to protect the transfer of sensitive data and all business transactions are individually verified. A shopper’s privacy is protected because they do not store credit card information and will never share personal information. This company has an SSL-secured website and all transactions are covered by their 100% money back guarantee and ensured by their Risk Department.
They charge a flat commission for their sellers, however, they ask for a listing fee once their gift card has sold. If you decide to Sell Gift Cards, you can simply follow simple steps on their marketplace. A person can easily list his or her card. They accept electronic gift cards, physical gift cards, including merchandise credit coming from any retail store, business or restaurant.
Next step is to select a Selling Price. Once you have chosen the right price, look out for current listings to competitively price your own gift card to maximize the return on the sale.
Sellers can get paid fast, collect their funds and print their free shipping label to send their gift card to the buyer. They can simply select their payment method, as well as withdraw the available funds. There are Key Listing Requirements prior selling gift cards. There are seller fees involve because Raise will charge a 15% commission from sellers after the gift card has been purchased. There is also a separate listing fee based on the card type that was being sold. For the Physical Gift Card, there is a $1.00 fee per card while it is just free for the Electronic Gift Card. Commission rates are negotiated for bulk sellers, and this is also based on the sales volume including the payouts that takes place on a daily basis.
There are options when it comes to payment for sellers. A seller can withdraw payments in one of 3 ways based on the seller type. For all Sellers, a check or PayPal is given as an option while for Bulk Sellers, an ACH Direct Deposit is provided as an option. Raise.com will deduct their seller fees and then deposit all the remaining funds into a seller’s Raise account after the seller’s gift card has been purchased and the delivery to the buyer has also been confirmed.
There are certain rules in the marketplace if someone wants to sell their gift cards online at Raise.com. The account should be verified during the listing process and all of the seller’s listings are approved within 24 hours, at the same time that the listing will also become live. The seller is held responsible and accountable for the full value of the products/items upon selling those gift cards at Raise.com. A seller should deactivate the listing immediately if he or she wishes to use or transfer his or her gift card.
How to Sell Your Gift Cards
A seller can easily sell a gift card at Raise.com. They start by entering the Gift Card Information online after clicking the “Sell Gift Cards” from the top of the page on the Raise.com website. Next, sellers can easily enter the brand name of their gift card, and then click the “Start Selling” button. There is a “sell form” which will ask the seller’s gift card’s serial number, PIN including the current balance. Sellers can easily check their gift card’s balance by simply using the link that is provided on the top, left hand side of the webpage. Raise.com have already pre-checked the eGift card box for their sellers, but they could uncheck it if they prefer to ship the physical gift card to the buyer.
Sellers can choose their selling price and Raise.com is the only gift card marketplace that lets their sellers set their own asking price (as of this writing, Nov. 22, 2013). Sellers can easily use the average discount that is provided on the left hand side of the webpage in order to get an estimate on how to price their gift card. When sellers offer a bigger discount, the faster their gift cards will sell, however, the price is always up to the sellers themselves. Raise.com has a form which displays how much a seller would earn at a certain selling price so that he or she can easily adjust it. Take note that the listing will be approved in a day or within 24 hours, so a seller could still adjust his or her price at any time prior the gift card sells from within the Active Listings.
Sellers can receive payment fast. When a seller’s gift card has been purchased by any verified buyer, Raise.com will notify the seller to ship the card. If the seller listed the card via electronic, Raise.com will deliver it in behalf of the seller. However, for those physical gift cards, sellers need to print the provided pre-paid shipping label coming from within a seller’s account then use the specified envelope for the mailing. A seller is given 3 business days from the buyer’s order date in order to mail the gift card. The faster a seller ships any card sold, the faster he or she gets paid. Once the shipment has been confirmed by the United State’s Postal Service (USPS), Raise.com will deposit those earnings into the seller’s Available Funds for him or her to withdraw any time at the seller’s convenience.
Raise.com is a BBB Accredited Business, and they individually approve all the members, gift card listings, including transactions. This company is an SSL-secured website and it protects the transfer of any sensitive data as well as credit card information with the needed protection. All their transactions are covered as well as ensured by their 100% money back guarantee for any customer’s satisfaction.
Shoppers buy physical gift cards to shop in brick and mortar store locations, while eGift cards for the purpose of online shopping. These eGift cards can be redeemed on the retailer’s site using the serial number and PIN as an easy alternative to physical gift cards. Some eGift cards can be printed to use in stores as well but this depends on the brand. Sellers should ship any physical gift card to the buyer once it is sold and it has a slightly higher listing fee. The eGift cards have a lower listing fee compared to the physical gift cards and they are delivered electronically to the buyer's Raise Account online.
When do gift cards expire? Based on the CARD Act of 2009, gift cards can never expire within five (5) years of the purchase date, however, after twelve (12) months without use, an inactivity fee is then applied. Raise (as of this writing, Nov. 22, 2013) does not support international transactions. They may change their policy and you can read it through their website.
Anyone can invite friends in order to earn points within their Raise account. Simply click on My Referrals to invite friends. Just send them your unique invitation link by using the social media channel or through email. Your invited friends should create a Raise account from the unique link that you sent them, and they have thirty (30) days from the first time they click your link to make a qualifying purchase for you to earn points.
Redeeming points is easy. Once a buyer is ready for the checkout process, a slider will be shown above the button labeled “Proceed to Checkout” where this can be clicked and dragged through the slider in order to redeem the desired amount of points. A portion or all of the Raise Rewards can be used or redeemed on any gift card order, or this can be also saved them for some future purchases.
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