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SavingStar is a popular grocery eCoupon service that will let shoppers save paperless coupons upon going to the supermarket as well as drugstore. Once SavingStar eCoupons will be redeemed at any store, the amount will not come off from your grocery's total amount. Instead, this particular amount of the redeemed ecoupons will be accumulated in the shopper's SavingStar account and when it will reach the $5 total, the owner of this account will be able to choose to be paid either through PayPal, or via an Amazon gift card or another way is to donate this amount to the American Forests. Logging into your SavingStar to see your accumulative total is enjoyable since you can see your extra money grow!

How to Register a SavingStar Account

Simply click on the "Join for Free" link on this web page in order to register a SavingStar's account. You need an email address and password in order to create an account. Please take note that the email address which you provide will also be your login so protect your personal email account by using another email account set up, only for your couponing correspondence.

How to Register Grocery and Drugstore Cards

Register your loyalty card numbers for all the supermarkets including the drugstores that you currently belong to and those part of the SavingStar's network. Your account numbers are located at the back of these cards under the bar code area. If you wish to activate an ecoupon, you must have at least one loyalty card that is added to your SavingStar's account.

How to Find Participating Stores

There are a lot of stores in the SavingStar network, which includes Rite Aid, CVS, etc. Simply enter your ZIP code on the loyalty card registration page in order to search for all of the stores nearby. Take note that there are participating stores that don't have the loyalty programs, but part of the SavingStar network. These stores are Farm Fresh, Albertsons Market, Festival Foods, King Kullen, Hannaford, Hy-Vee, Raley's, Redner's, Stater Bros., Roche Bros., Sweetbay and Shoppers. You will be able to find out how to use the SavingStar eCoupons with every store once you join the program.

How to Select eCoupons

To view the eCoupons that are available, choose "Go To ECoupons" orange button that is located on the left menu. You'll be able to see these eCoupons by each category then sort them by either Value, Expiration Date, Suggested, or Alphabetical. If you view an eCoupon that you like to activate, simply click the orange "I Want This!" button that's located on the bottom-right corner of every coupon. These newly activated ecoupons will then be automatically loaded to all of your registered loyalty cards.

How to Use SavingStar eCoupons

When you shop, choose the qualifying products that will match your SavingStar eCoupons. Once you head to the store's check-out counter, simply wipe your loyalty card then make your purchase. Take note that any of the applicable eCoupons that you have will automatically register as a used ecoupon in your SavingStar account.

SavingStar eCoupons will not be deducted from your recent purchase or will not show on the register's receipt but the total dollar amount of those eCoupons that you just recently used will automatically show up in your SavingStar account between 2-30 days. Once it will reach $5, you can start receiving your payment.

How to Stack Coupons With SavingStar eCoupons

SavingStar eCoupons will work whether you combine them or not with other coupons. However, they are not generally intended to be used this way since manufacturers' had stated that it's against their policy for shoppers to redeem more than 1 manufacturer's coupon for the same exact purchase. Although it was stated that way, using the in-store coupons in combination with those SavingStar eCoupons could be allowable in other product purchases. They have this "One or Many" promotion on the SavingStar service which enables certain brands to provide shoppers high-value rewards for multiple purchases of more than one or many shopping trips at one or other stores just within the SavingStar network. You might like this "One or Many" promotions since you can easily use the payout to purchase products that are generally not discounted.

SavingStar eCoupon is a wonderful way for couponer shoppers to see their savings grow. You can truly save money on groceries, plus without the hassle of cutting as well as sorting a lot of those paper coupons. The SavingStar website is simple to use and the registration is very easy and fast. A customer's loyalty card is so easy to enter and within 2-4 minutes, their new customer can already browse as well as save coupons into their loyalty cards.


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