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TotalProtect home warranty sees the home ownership experience in a different way than other home warranty providers. Their approach focuses on bringing customers their best tools to manage and maintain your home with the best care. They call their approach total home management. This approach gives their customers comprehensive suite of home services that not only delivers savings, but also peace of mind as well as convenience.

Through this approach and their comprehensive warranty coverage, this gives them a better customer satisfaction rate. TotalProtect is part of (CCHS) Cross Country Home Services, Inc. family of brands. CCHS has delivered quality home protection via an innovative home warranty as well as home service products since 1980. They have built a network of over 40,000 qualified and pre-screened service providers to ensure the highest possible quality repairs for their members.

After your repair is completed, Total Protect home warranty is confident in the quality of their service partners, and they guarantee their work done for 180 days. This means that if the same problem will arise and need to be repaired again just within six months, their company will make it right at no additional cost to their customers. Their guarantee means that you will not be disappointed, or call another provider to fix the same problem again. 

TotalProtect Home Warranty is a service plan which protects their customers against expenses that their homeowners insurance doesn't such as the repair including the replacement of systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear over time. At TotalProtect, instead of spending hundreds of dollars to repair or replace your covered systems as well as appliances, you typically just pay a small service call fee per claim.

Why do people need a home warranty? This is a question that some are thinking about because they know that at any moment, any item like a clothes washer, refrigerator, or an air conditioner can just break down and this is the time that they need hundreds of dollars from their budget to repair or replace any of them. With Total Protect Home Warranty, they help their customers pay these expenses, as well as provides them with a qualified service technician that they can trust to do the right job. 

TotalProtect home warranty offers you protection against large and unexpected repair bills. They also eliminate the hassle of looking for a qualified service provider. They want to fix covered items quickly and replace those covered items that can no longer be fixed. And they are just like those homeowners insurance, customers need to pay a monthly rate for coverage as well as a small $60 deductible when they make a claim. TotalProtect pays the cost of those covered repair, and in some cases, if a broken unit cannot be fixed, they will replace it.

Some people ask if their homeowners insurance cover repairs. Yes, your homeowners insurance covers those repairs in the event of natural disasters, fire and theft. However, it does not cover breakdowns inside the home. TotalProtect Home Warranty provides protection that gives their customers peace of mind as well as real cost savings, even if those covered items are old or come from a different manufacturer.

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