How to Save Money on Your Dream Wedding Dress

There are many stores that sell beautiful discounted wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses that dreams are made of, but it also requires some research. Indeed, one of the important things that most brides will think about is the wedding dress when it comes to getting married. Of course, wedding dresses can be pretty expensive, but there are some ways to get that wedding dress of your dreams for a cheaper price.

There are smart ways to save on buying a wedding gown. You can easily purchase a used wedding dress if you are on a tight budget or just being practical. Indeed, some women nowadays consider buying a used wedding dress because they don’t want to pay a full retail price for the gown of their dreams.

There are many online stores that sell used wedding dresses. You can start looking at those popular websites that offer great bargains like Amazon or eBay. Some women like to read reviews before buying anything online so if you are concern about this, Amazon’s wedding dresses would be good for you. A lot of people are selling on EBay and this is a wonderful option whether to buy Ebay's new wedding gowns or Ebay's used wedding dresses

Look for an EBay seller with excellent ratings and how the wedding dress is described in the listing. You can also contact the seller if you want to inquire more about the item. There are many individual EBay sellers that sell their wedding dresses that were only worn once. Always check the return policy because there are some sellers who don’t accept returns. Quality wedding dresses that have lots of lace are more sought-after these days.

Remember to confirm all the measurements before buying a used wedding dress. A wedding dress can easily be tailored to fit your size so it’s advisable to buy a little bit bigger and not too small. Generally, a used wedding gown will be 50 to 90 percent off. Buy a gown not during the peak season because the prices will skyrocket. Take note that the peak season starts on August.

Some women is fine renting a dress since they will only use it once. With renting, they can even afford to wear a stylish and designer gowns because renting is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one.

You can have your dress made. There are many local seamstresses and dress shops who make wedding gowns and they offer a cheaper price for the wedding dress of your dreams too. It would be good if you have a picture or sketch ready for them to see on how you want your gown to look like. This is more economical compared to buying a ready-made designer gown.

There are sample sale websites such as Rue La La and Ideeli that will feature wedding dress sales several times a year. Their designer wedding dresses can sometimes reach up to 80 percent below the retail price. Do your own research and always consider those local bridal shops that offer their own markups for their wedding dresses. 

There are local bridal shops that sell their fitting samples at discounted prices so take a chance of getting this deal too. You can also look for their previous season's designs because most of these dresses’ price can be haggled. Be sure to find the retail price of the dress that you are eyeing to buy. A great deal is when you’re paying about 60-75 percent of the gown’s original price. Haggle more for a lower price if the gown needs repairs. 

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