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GreaterGood tries to connect those passionate people with their online tools to make the world a much better place to live in. They turn people's desire in order to make a difference towards a tangible, and documented support for those charities that help people, save pets, as well as improve the planet. They have created an online community that has real power in order to change the world simply by connecting millions of caring people.

GreaterGood had given more than twenty-nine ($29) million to non-profit charities around the world since the year 1999 and they are proud of that. Because of caring people, millions were able to receive help as well as assistance due to various efforts and these resulted into hungry families being fed, pets being rescued, rainforests being saved, breast cancer being caught as well as treated, children being helped to achieve a brighter future, and a lot more. There are many easy ways to get involved and this starts from a simple free click to a direct donation and these funds will go to a specific program. The smallest but thoughtful actions online does matter.

Small actions provide big results and everything that people do at Greater Good is about the passion to make this world a better place to live in. They invite everyone to explore the network of these great charities as well as good works that make up Greater Good. People can click every day and (it’s free!), shop for places where it matters, can sign a petition, can donate what amount they can, as well as help spread the word.

GreaterGood network of various websites had started with one simple idea and this is to take one action from everyone and does every day by clicking on a website then it turn into something good. The Hunger Site was then the first to launch in the year 1999. The sponsors would pay for their ads to be viewed on thank-you page of The Hunger Site and each click would then be recorded as well as generate sponsor funds, and then those funds went straight to charity so that it can provide food for people who are in need. In the first 9 months, the website was funded more than 9 million pounds of food for those hungry people. had expanded this mission during the last decade, with more of those “Click To Give” sites and causes, then they have added even more online tools to help people make a difference into the world. Every participation helps others at GreaterGood. Visiting Greater Good is wonderful especially for those people looking for volunteer work. They have volunteering opportunities all over the US. and the company will be able to match anyone's interests. Anybody can either work with people or animals.

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