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 The Chinchilla Album 

by Uncle Outrage

Sargent House Sampler Vol. 2 Various Artists Format: MP3 Music from Amazon


You can have the 16-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format that you may like. You can visit the site through this link: The Chinchilla Album by Uncle Outrage if you like to download their 16 MP3 songs.

The Chinchilla Album by Uncle Outrage 16-Track Album

1.Alchemy 02:18

2.Short Bus 03:27

3.Stay Magical 01:46

4.Worst In The World 03:37

5.Kingfish 02:41

6.Strange Harvest 02:52

7.Totoro 03:14

8.Major Danger 02:00

9.Astronaught 02:10

10.Zero (Smashing Pumpkins cover) 02:33

11.Fear of God 01:10

12.Thirteen Roses 01:56

13.A.D.D. 01:01

14.Sinistar Attacxk 01:56

15.Environment 00:36

16.Superbowl 01:59 

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FREE MP3 Music Sargent House Sampler Vol. 2 Various Artists 

Original Release Date: October 25, 2011 Format: MP3 Music from Amazon

You can visit the site through this link: Sargent House Sampler Vol. 2 Various Artists

1. Mlàdek by Russian Circles  

2. New York by Le Butcherettes

3. Take Your Picture by Gypsyblood

4. Genki Shank by Adebisi Shank  

 5. Hope by Boris

 6. Frozen Zoo by Tera Melos

 7. Bonnie Says  by ME & LP

 8. Get Some by Good Old War  

 9. Yubacore by Hella

10. Riot Sugar by Boris

11. Everlasting Beacon Of Light by Zechs Marquise 

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