Commission Junction has offered the CJ Deep Link Generator that would help their network Publishers expedite their work and save time. This is a browser-based tool that easily integrates with a Publisher's content development workflow since the Deep Link Generator gives them the capability to bring about links to any products, categories and stores that they want to promote straight from the destination pages and this can happen even without searching for active links in the CJ Account Manager as well as logging into it. 
Commission Junction's Deep Link Generator is great because it works in any browser that you like either you're using Windows, Linux or OSX system. I tried to use the Deep Link Generator 
which I added to my Google Chrome bar and I found it to be truly helpful. I like the idea that as a CJ Publisher, you can easily link products, categories and stores that you want to add to your website instantly, simply by clicking on the bookmarklet. In this way, it's easy to promote an advertisement's page that will instantly just turn into a link then all you need to do is copy and paste it for promotion.

Creating safe and fast affiliate deep links directly from a product page is not new, Amazon had offered similar thing to their Publishers too and this had proven to be helpful to many. The CJ Deep Link is easy to get. You only need to open a supported browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE9 and IE10, double check whether your bookmarks toolbar is visible then drag the "CJ Deep Link Generator" button to your bookmarks toolbar then you're ready to use it. 

All you need to do is make sure that you have access to the Deep Link for the advertiser in your CJ Account Manager that you like to promote because there are some advertiser configurations that do not support the use of the bookmarklet yet, as of this writing (Sept. 1, 2013) but the good news is that Commission Junction is doing its best to help them and fix it to offer a wide support for both publishers and advertisers. It's really nice that CJ is able to help their publishers this way, making work faster and easier.

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