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1&1 offers complete range of website services for each need, skill level, including their customers' budget. They have affordable prices from domain packages as well as feature-rich website hosting plans up to their virtual private servers including their powerful dedicated servers. They want small and medium sized businesses will be able to design as well as execute those professional sites without experience in website development. Their products are designed to give the good combination of features and discounts, without pricing gimmicks nor hidden costs. Below are some of their clickable discount coupons.

Online coupons provided by Savings.com


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1&1 Web Hosting offers many promotions for their new customers on their website. These offers can range from receiving several months of free hosting plans or no activation fees, which can easily save you about $90 or more. If you decide to build your new hosting plan of your own, you can check some coupons, deals or coupon codes good for discounts on their products and services. 1&1 is a web hosting company that serves its customers for over 20 years and with more than 5,000 employees. They develop quality products for beginners as well as professionals.

They guarantee a maximum reliability due to their dual hosting and this is known as the geo-redundant hosting of their customer's website in 2 geographically separate data centers. 1&1 web hosting provides a high performance availability via their strong, global backbone as well as their excellent customer service, that is available for 24 hours in a day, and 7 days a week. They have more than ten million customer contracts including countless awards that affirm their excellent performance as one of the biggest e-business as well as web hosting providers. 

Domain registration and domain names are important of generating brand awareness on the world wide web. 1&1 had registered over nineteen million domains for private customers as well as business worldwide in cooperation with the ICANN including Afilias. They were able to combine over 70,000 efficient web servers with Foundry including Cisco routers in their data centers to utilize the best products with the leading technology manufacturers as well as service providers to offer their customers with a high 99.9% uptime. 

The infrastructure which supports their technology is the system state-of-the-art hardware as well as software that can run in high secure data centers across America and Europe to ensure maximum uptime for their customers. They also have a strong relationship with paramount companies, such as Parallels as well as Symantec, to bring their consumers the latest virtual security software.

They have a complete solution in order to fit anyone's needs from personal websites up to dedicated servers as well as e-commerce sites for businesses. They have a powerful, intuitive Control Panel that is web-based, giving their customer's full control of their information from their internet connected pc or computer without software to install. Their customers can have one password as well as one login if they want to update their domains, modify all elements of their site, including upgrading their package.

Their customers can have their own domain for less since they offer a low domain name registration fees and makes it easy for anyone to register a domain for one low and all-inclusive price. There no hidden costs that registrars add to their bottom line, so they can make their mark on the world wide web with all the savings that they can avail. They offer cheap hosting, without charging extra for those setup fees, and they give promotional services. The listed price is the number that their customers will pay, and they can have a fully loaded, as well as a comprehensive suite of web services.

1&1 has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for all their Web Hosting, MyWebsite, Instant Mail, Microsoft Exchange Hosting, SharePoint Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) as well as eShops. If their customers are not happy with their 1&1 package, and this is within the 30 day Money Back Guarantee from the initial order was placed, they’ll receive their money back without questions asked.

They employ over 1,750 hard-working people in the areas of development, product management and data centers. They work solely for 1&1 hosting services and are highly trained employees. 1&1 spent $25 million in order to provide the home for their customers' valuable information which surpasses the standards of power connectivity, safety, performance, hardware, and security. According to their website, their data centers do represent the future in the information storage.

They have integrated forwarding which allows their registered domains quickly as well as easily be connected to their customer's website, no matter where it is being hosted. Their server based web hosting is the solution for any website creator looking to make advanced an website with large amount of data. They have discounted server packages that have a high level of customizability, and this means that these services and tools can adapt and grow with their online business. 

Couponsaledeals.com have coupons, coupon codes and deals for their web server packages that can be fully customizable. They also offer a Virtual Server package that is cost effective but has a virtual server performance that can guarantee reliability with server monitoring application for smaller enterprises. They have a 50-200 GB of storage as well as generous traffic limits of up to 1000-2500 GB per month from a highly secure virtual server. 

They have a Dynamic Cloud Server that provides an amount of flexibility for those customers looking for a little more advanced type of service. 1&1 have a Dedicated Server package for large businesses that require the most advanced online service. It has a huge storage of up to 4000 GB as well as an unlimited traffic that provide the professional server solution with an option of a managed service for people with more pressing matters. All of their packages include SSL, IPv4 including a dedicated firewall for an increase security with 24/7 e-mail support as well as a 24/7 hotline manned by well-trained technicians.

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